Design and implementation of:
- Furniture for banks
- Furniture for offices
- Store fixtures
- Furniture for premises
- Furniture for public buildings
- Furniture for private homes
- Custom-made furniture of any kind

Progetto Tre Arredo Contract

Furniture for offices, banks, shops, hotels, clubs, public and private spaces. The experience born from the direct production of custom-made furniture and over 30 years spent in selecting the best mass-production manufacturers on the market, allows us to provide the best answers to our customers needs, with the guarantee of the best quality and price.

The colors, the materials, the use of glass, steel, wood or laminated coverings, whether expensive or economic, allow us to customize solutions both in term of costs and perceived quality.

The experience gained in various sectors, enables us to meet the needs of diverse environments, with customized solutions, and to design and deliver furniture to offices, banks, shops, hotels, individuals.